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We help our customers keep their properties wildlife-free by carrying out a complete inspection and assessment to determine current and future vulnerabilities. Afterward, our team of specialists applies measures to ensure that the wildlife causing the issue gets no access to the property. The measures we apply in dealing with wildlife issues include non-lethal removal and relocation, lethal removal, trapping, exclusion, and repair damage. Every service we provide is aimed at long-term results. Our technicians are not just skilled in technical and biological know-how, they are also trained in the best practices for achieving complete customer satisfaction. We don’t just want to solve the problem; we want you to be satisfied with the solution we offer.

Total customer satisfaction is the goal of every project. Even though we are the experts, we partner with customers with the goal of total customer satisfaction in mind. We will consider all aspects of the project and design a strategy that is both effective and tailored to your preferences. East Tennessee Wildlife Management offers a wide range of wildlife control and management services to keep the critters out of your property for good!

We pride ourselves in the application of effective, humane solutions. We are also proud of the level of skills and knowledge about a vast range of wildlife issues our technicians possess.


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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have adapted very well to becoming “urbanized”…meaning, run ins with them are fairly common. When the opportunity presents itself, racoons will take up residence in your home or office. Over time, raccoons will leave behind waste that you do not want in your living environment. East Tennessee Wildlife Management has dealt with a host of different raccoon situations, and we guarantee we can help you! Our wildlife technicians will seal all identified and potential entry points after the trapping is complete to ensure no other wildlife will take over. If you are dealing with racoons in your home or office, give us a call to schedule your inspection!

Raccoon Removal
Squirrel Removal

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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are everywhere we look, and it is common for them to end up in our attics. Not only can they bite their way through wooden walls to get inside your home, but they can ruin plenty of your things once they’re inside. These furry friends can also bite through your pipes, causing devastating water leaks that could cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Squirrels even chew through wires which can damage to your electronics. The damaged wires can also electrocute you if you step on them and they can start a fire inside your home!


Skunk Removal

Skunks…we will probably smell them before we see them, or your dog will find it before you do. We often see skunks in or around our homes foraging for food. They will often dig around your home or offices foundation and live in your crawlspace or around your HVAC unit. Trapping and removing skunks are best left to the professionals as it is a stinky job.

Skunk Removal
Groundhog Removal

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Groundhog Removal

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Actually, the name woodchuck has nothing to do with wood, or chucking it…

The word woodchuck comes from a Native American word, “wuchak”, which roughly translates as “digger.”
Groundhogs, also known as, woodchucks or whistle pigs, hibernate in the winter and are eager to forage for plants and grasses at the first signs of spring.

Female groundhogs will give birth to 2-6 young in the next few months, and they are CUTE! Mature and baby groundhogs keep us busy in the spring and summer months. We take several baby groundhogs to rehabilitation centers in the area each spring if we cannot trap them with their mothers or if the mother has been killed. Our best efforts are put forward to keep them together and relocate them in a place where they will thrive! Groundhogs are known for burrowing in the ground (tunnels up to 65 feet long!) and can damage plants, crops, and your yard. If you are seeing groundhog activity in or around your yard, give us a call!

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