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East Tennessee Wildlife Management is a locally and family-owned and operated wildlife control company committed to catering to the needs of clients in the Knoxville, TN area. With over ten years of experience, East TN Wildlife Management is well equipped to handle a wide range of wildlife control scenarios and have consistently shown our commitment to high-quality service.

We are a team of professionals that provide high-quality services in line with the local, state, and federal laws. We design our services to be the effective, cost-efficient solutions needed to deal with wildlife issues forever.

A wildlife issue is never a pleasant experience. Unwanted critters can cause a lot of damage and constitute a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor wildlife issues can be associated with the compromise of the structural integrity of properties, including foundations and roofs.

Wildlife in indoor environments constitutes a nuisance from the noise they make and pose health risks to occupants of the residential and commercial properties they infest. Critters like mice and rats leave droppings through which diseases like hantavirus can be contracted. When bats infest in large quantities, they can release a significant quantity of guano (bat droppings). Guano carries diseases and can destroy the integrity of structures, in attics especially.
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Wildlife infestations are highly unpleasant experiences.  We are your tested and trusted wildlife management and control service provider in the Knoxville, TN area. As local experts, who have been around for a decade, we understand the scope of wildlife issues.